Finding the right dentist for your child can make all the difference in their lifetime oral health habits. If you’re looking for a warm, comfortable office where your kids can get top-tier pediatric care in a way that makes them feel relaxed, look no further than RenovaSmiles.  Get started with pediatric care by calling the office closest to you or booking your child’s visit online today.

How does pediatric care differ from adult dentistry?

In some ways, it doesn’t. The team at RenovaSmiles uses the same leading-edge technology and extensive expertise to treat their young patients.

The difference is in the way they apply that care. The compassionate pediatric dentists at RenovaSmiles know that many kids don’t feel completely comfortable at the dentist’s office.

They take the time to get to know your child, finding ways to help them relax and feel confident while in the dentist’s chair.

Their goal is to not only keep your child’s mouth healthy now but to help them develop oral health habits that will serve them for life.

The team at RenovaSmiles also serves kids with special needs. If you’ve been looking for a dentist to partner with you to keep your child’s mouth healthy, contact them.

What kinds of services does pediatric dentistry include?

The RenovaSmiles team makes virtually all of its services available to their younger patients.

Some of the pediatric care services they offer include:

  • Comprehensive dental exams
  • Dental cleanings tailored for kids
  • Digital radiographs for comfortable, fast X-rays
  • Orthodontics with Invisalign®
  • Sealants
  • Sports mouthguards
  • Bruxism treatment
  • Cavity treatment
  • Crowns
  • Pulp therapy
  • Extractions, including wisdom teeth

Whenever possible, the pediatric dentists at RenovaSmiles take a preventive dentistry approach, proactively addressing problems before they can compromise your child’s oral health.

But when issues do arise, they spring into action, delivering care to effectively address the issue. Their goal is always to save your child’s teeth and keep their mouth healthy while keeping them comfortable and relaxed.

What if my child feels nervous about visiting the dentist?

It’s normal for kids to feel some nervousness about upcoming dental visits. But the team at RenovaSmiles is working to change that. With warm, personal care, they strive to help their young patients associate the dentist with a safe space.

They know that some children’s anxiety is so severe that visiting the dentist can be a traumatic experience.

If this sounds like your child, don’t hesitate to ask about nitrous oxide (laughing gas). With this safe sedative that wears off quickly, your RenovaSmiles dentist can help your child have a more pleasant experience during the treatments they need.

To learn more about the pediatric care available at RenovaSmiles, call the office closest to you, or make your family’s appointment online today.