If your dentist is only addressing oral health issues when they arise, it’s time for a change. The preventive dentistry specialists at RenovaSmiles are available to work with you to keep your smile healthy long-term. They offer preventive dentistry for the whole family at RenovaSmiles. Call your nearest office or schedule an appointment online today.

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry aims to help you avoid dental problems in the first place. The team at RenovaSmiles knows that many people dread dental procedures.

They emphasize preventive dentistry, helping their patients get the treatments they need to keep their teeth healthy with focused, proactive care.

The RenovaSmiles team believes that preventive dentistry is crucial for a healthy, beautiful smile. With this approach, they save you time in the dental chair and money on dental procedures.

Preventive dentistry isn’t just for adults, either. The pediatric dentists at RenovaSmiles also take a preventive approach, helping kids protect their teeth for life. This preventive approach shows kids what they can do to protect their oral health, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy dental habits.

What does preventive dentistry include?

Your RenovaSmiles dentist customizes your preventive dental care based on your needs. With digital X-rays and intraoral scanners, they can clearly see what’s going on inside your mouth, pinpointing any issues before they escalate and applying the right care.

For example, if they notice wear and tear on your teeth from grinding them at night, they can fit you with a night guard. Similarly, they offer mouthguards to their patients who play sports.

Additionally, a key part of preventive dentistry is biannual comprehensive exams and teeth cleanings. The best way to prevent an issue from growing is to catch it early, so these twice-yearly checkups are important. They give your RenovaSmiles dentist the opportunity to examine every aspect of your smile, looking for any problems before they grow.

It also gives them an opportunity to fully clean your teeth, removing any tartar, or dental plaque that’s hardened on your teeth. This protects your teeth from decay, helping you avoid fillings, and also protects against gum disease.

Additionally, your RenovaSmiles dentist offers oral cancer screenings. Talk with them about this service so they can start you on the right screening schedule based on your family health history, your lifestyle, and other determining factors.

How do I get started with preventive dentistry?

It’s easy. Just choose RenovaSmiles. Every dedicated member of the team provides preventive care to patients. If you want to work with a dentist who is proactive about protecting your mouth from issues, choose a provider at RenovaSmiles.

To get started with preventive dentistry, call the office nearest you or schedule your appointment online today.