What is An Immediate Post-Operative Digital Impression?

Published On: February 9, 2022

The immediate post-operative digital impression is a key feature at RenovaSmiles, an innovative technology designed to make cosmetic dentistry more affordable and accessible for people worldwide. This guide will cover what it is and its importance in the dental treatment protocol.

What Exactly is an Immediate Post-Operative Digital Impression?

This process refers to digitally capturing an image of your teeth immediately after a procedure has been completed. Without this process, it would be possible for doctors to miss something that may have been overlooked during the surgery. Immediate post-operative digital images save time, minimize complications and keep your dentist’s work flowing smoothly throughout the practice.

How Does The Immediate Post-Operative Digital Impression Work?

It is quite simple. The patient is asked to smile and say ‘Ah’ as a camera takes a picture of their mouth. The camera captures an image then uploads it to the patient’s computer or smartphone for future reference.

Why Does it Need to Be Done?

Immediate post-operative digital impressions can reveal subtle details of your treatment that the surgeon may have missed, even in cases where 2D images are taken during surgery. This process allows dentists to observe the results of their work with a fresh set of eyes and make adjustments as needed. Some severe problems may be seen immediately, and others may take time to emerge. The digital image captures the smile during its peak performance. Most dental offices do not offer digital impressions on their patients for this reason. This enables RenovaSmiles to help their patients and give them something extra, some of the latest technology in dentistry today.

Will My Procedure Be Completed Immediately After Taking a Digital Impression?

When you get your checkup done at any RenovaSmiles center, you will undergo a thorough consultation first and then move on to the treatment phase. Your dentist will inform you if any changes need to be made during this process to achieve better results.

Where Can I Get This Service Done?

RenovaSmiles works with a number of top dentists and cosmetic practices worldwide. Contact them now to enable you to access dental treatment in your country, state, or province.

Who Should Get An Immediate Post-Operative Digital Impression?

Oral surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, and cosmetic dentists all agree that immediate post-operative digital impression is a process that should be completed for any patient undergoing any dental repair or restorative treatment. People who are undergoing orthodontic therapy may also benefit from this service. If your dentist recommends it, you should schedule this procedure. With RenovaSmiles, you can even take a picture of yourself and upload it to the website for further consultation.

The digital impression service from RenovaSmiles helps dentists keep track of their work and gives them the ability to catch problems early before they become an issue for the patient. Take this opportunity to schedule your first digital impression appointment today.