Five Things Every Person With Dentures Needs To Know

Published On: June 25, 2021

Five Things Every Person With Dentures Needs To Know

Over 35 million Americans have no teeth. Of those 35 million, around 90% use dentures and it is predicted that the number of denture users will steadily rise over time. Many denture users, both old and new, may not be aware of how to optimize their dentures. There are many things to consider when getting dentures and implementing them into your daily life. 

What Are Dentures? 

Dentures are prosthetic dental devices that are meant to replace missing teeth. Some dentures are removable and other types of dentures are surgically placed into the mouth and are fairly permanent installments. 

What You Need To Know About Dentures

Perspective denture patients may not know a lot about dentures before getting them. Similarly, many people who have had dentures for years may not know the full ins and outs of their dentures. Whether you’re a new denture patient or an experienced patient, here are some things you should know about your dentures:

  • You need to find the right pair for you- One pair of dentures was not made for all patients. There are a variety of denture options for your lifestyle. Consult your dentist to know what options are best for you.
  • Clean them regularly- It is recommended that you brush your dentures after every meal and make sure that there is no food lodged between the teeth. When bruising your dentures, use a toothbrush with gentle bristles and brush gently so that you don’t cause damage to the dentures. It is additionally recommended that the dentures are placed into a glass of water overnight to keep them clean. 
  • They don’t last forever- Once you get a pair of dentures, they are most likely not going to last forever. They are subject to wear and tear and may need to be fixed or replaced throughout your ownership of them. 
  • You don’t need to keep them in all the time- If you are not actively using your dentures for anything, you can take them out. Over-wearing dentures may cause some soreness or pain in your mouth. If they aren’t absolutely necessary to wear in that moment, it may be better to take them out and give your gums a break.
  • Simple things can damage your dentures- When caring for your dentures, you may want to avoid certain products that can cause deterioration or damage to your dentures. Take care in finding a denture cleaner that works for your specific type of dentures. Drinks like coffee and tea can stain your dentures and cause them to need bleaching. If you are unsure about what denture cleaner or bleaching products are safe for you, ask your dentist for their recommendations. 

What Types Of Dentures Are Available To Me?

When many people think about dentures, they may think of a full set of teeth that are removed and set aside before bed. However, modern technology has helped create many different types of dentures that can cater to everyone’s needs. Some of the most common dentures available for purchase are: 

  • Traditional full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Implant dentures
  • Immediate dentures
  • Snap-in dentures
  • Over-dentures
  • Upper dentures
  • Economy dentures
  • Custom dentures

No matter your dental concerns, there is a pair of dentures that will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. If you are unsure of what dentures are right for you, speak to your dentist and they will help you find the best pair for you.