Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Contouring

Published On: April 22, 2022

You may have heard the term teeth contouring thrown around here and there but what really is it and what does it entail?

What is Teeth Contouring?

Teeth contouring is a cosmetic treatment that involves reshaping the teeth. It is done to improve the teeth’ appearance or make them more symmetrical. The dentist will use a dental drill to remove small amounts of tooth enamel and then polish the teeth to create a smooth finish. Most people are candidates for teeth contouring. It is important to note that the treatment can only be performed on healthy teeth. If you have a dental problem such as decay or gum disease, it will need to be treated before you can have teeth contouring done.

How is teeth contouring performed?

Teeth contouring is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed in the dentist’s office. The dentist will first examine your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. If you are, the dentist will then remove a small amount of tooth enamel to correct the desired shape. The procedure is usually completed in one visit and does not require any anesthesia.

Care for teeth after contouring

After the procedure is completed, you will need to take care of your teeth to ensure that they heal correctly. You should avoid eating or drinking anything acidic or sugary for the first 24 hours. Avoid brushing the treated areas for the first 48 hours. When you can finally brush your teeth, use a soft toothbrush and a gentle circular motion.

What are the benefits of teeth contouring?

There are many benefits to getting teeth contouring including:

– Improved appearance of teeth

– Correction of minor imperfections

– Improved overall tooth shape

– Correction of minor imperfections

– Improved overall tooth shape

– No anesthesia is required

– A quick, easy procedure

– Affordable price

Cosmetic issues that contouring can fix:

– Minor chips or cracks in the teeth

– Uneven tooth shape

– Minor gaps between teeth

– Excessive tooth wear

If you’re interested in teeth contouring, contact a dental expert today!