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The Invisalign Process: 3 Steps to Straight Teeth

Published On: agosto 3, 2021

The Invisalign process may seem lengthy and extensive to an onlooker but it’s not as complex as some people may think. In the beginning, it can be a little more complicated, as you are just getting started and set up with the treatment, however, after you’ve got all of that taken care of, the treatment is fairly easy and routine. In short, the Invisalign treatment process can be summed up into the following 3 steps.

Discuss a treatment plan 

Before you can begin your Invisalign treatment, you will need to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist. During this consultation, your orthodontist can take a close look at your teeth and hear your concerns. You have the opportunity to tell them exactly what you would like and they can create a plan that addresses and fixes your concerns. This step sets the tone for the rest of the treatment and lets you know what you can expect in the future. 

Wear your aligners

 After discussing your treatment plan, you will go back into your orthodontist’s office so that they can see where your teeth are, take a mold of your teeth, and decide how they are going to begin moving them using aligners. It often takes a little bit for your aligners to come in the mail, but once they do you will go to your orthodontist so that they can fit them for you. 

Before you can wear your aligners, attachments will be placed onto your teeth wherever your orthodontist feels they are necessary. After that, your aligners will fit perfectly onto your teeth and grip onto the aligners to straighten your teeth. You will need to wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day in order for a successful and on-time treatment. 

Depending on the severity of your case, your orthodontist will communicate how long you have to wear your aligners. A typical person wears the same aligner for 1-2 weeks before switching to a new one. During treatment, you will have to periodically check in with your orthodontist to see how the aligners are shifting your teeth and to make sure you are on track. 

Wear your retainer

After completing your treatment, your attachments and aligners will be taken off and your new smile will be revealed to you. Even though you no longer have to wear aligners for 22 hours a day, you still have to wear a retainer at night to preserve your results. Your teeth will naturally want to shift back to their original position because that is what your body is accustomed to. In order to preserve and maximize your results, you will need to wear an aligner every night before you go to bed and take it off once you wake up. This simple action will safeguard your treatment and make sure that your results last. 

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