Don’t let nerves or a fear of the dentist keep you from getting the top-tier dental care you deserve. At RenovaSmiles, you have access to nitrous oxide sedation to help you relax in the dentist’s chair. To learn more about this safe, effective relaxation tool, call the office nearest you or make an appointment online today.

What is nitrous oxide sedation?

Nitrous oxide is a gas. It’s colorless and usually odorless (although some people say it smells slightly sweet). You may know it by its more colloquial name, laughing gas.

For nearly two centuries, medical professionals have used nitrous oxide as a sedative. Today, doctors and dentists across the globe use this gas for its ability to help patients relax quickly.

During nitrous oxide sedation, your RenovaSmiles provider places a mask over your nose and mouth. That mask provides you with a carefully monitored blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen.

As you breathe in, the nitrous oxide takes effect. Most patients feel completely relaxed within minutes.

When is nitrous oxide sedation used?

The team at RenovaSmiles offers nitrous oxide to any patient who wants a way to relax during dental procedures. This sedative is especially helpful when you’re undergoing an invasive procedure like a tooth extraction or getting dental implants.

But you don’t have to get a major dental procedure to benefit from nitrous oxide. If you dread visiting the dentist, have a strong gag reflex, or have a low pain tolerance, don’t hesitate to talk to your RenovaSmiles dentist about nitrous oxide.

Using this sedative during even routine teeth cleanings can make visiting the dentist a less stressful experience.

Nitrous oxide is also safe for kids. The pediatric dentists at RenovaSmiles offer it to their younger patients who feel nervous. If you have a son or daughter who has a lot of anxiety about visiting the dentist, ask your RenovaSmiles dentist if nitrous oxide could be right for them.

It’s also helpful for patients with special needs. The team at RenovaSmiles uses nitrous oxide to help people of all ages with special needs feel comfortable during their dental treatment.

What should I expect during nitrous oxide sedation?

Nitrous oxide delivers conscious sedation, meaning you are awake while under the sedative. Most people say that they feel calm and comfortable.

You might notice sensations of heaviness or tingling in your limbs. Nitrous oxide is often called laughing gas because it can make you feel happy or light-headed.

Once your dentist removes the mask, the nitrous oxide wears off quickly. Once it fully wears off, a process that usually takes about 15 minutes, you can safely drive yourself home.

If you think nitrous oxide might be right for you or your child, ask your RenovaSmiles dentist about it. Call any of the three offices or make your appointment online to get started.