When you need a filling, it’s important to find a dentist who offers the best tooth fillings available. At RenovaSmiles, the team offers porcelain fillings that blend seamlessly with your tooth, protecting the beauty of your smile. The team also ensures you’re comfortable throughout the filling process and offers same-day treatment. To get the high-quality, comfortable filling you deserve, call the office nearest you or make an appointment online today.

What are composite fillings?

Getting a filling doesn’t have to mean adding a piece of metal to your mouth for life. While many dentists still use gold and amalgam fillings, the team at RenovaSmiles decided they wanted a way to restore their patients’ teeth without marring their smiles, opting to use same-day composite fillings instead.

Also called tooth-colored fillings, custom-created composite fillings blend in perfectly with the tooth. That way, you get the strong, sturdy, pain-free tooth you need without any negative impact on the aesthetics of your smile.

When a cavity or fracture is too large and a composite filling may not be strong enough to support the tooth, we can easily create an onlay or inlay to fit the tooth. You can think of these as porcelain fillings that will restore your tooth’s strength and function without compromising aesthetics. Not only can porcelain fillings treat larger cavities and fractures, but they’re also more durable than composite fillings.

Why would I need a filling?

A filling is a way to save your tooth. The filling stops damage and decay in its tracks. If your tooth suffers an injury and needs restoration to stay strong for chewing, a filling can help.

The most common application of fillings, though, is to stop tooth decay. Plaque and tartar can eventually cause a cavity in your tooth, which will eat away at your enamel and underlying dentin unless removed and the missing tooth structure replaced with a filling.

If that decay reaches the sensitive pulp, or nerve, in your tooth’s interior, you get tooth pain. And even when it doesn’t cause pain, the decay will still compromise the structural integrity of your tooth.

To save your tooth from further damage, your RenovaSmiles dentist will remove the damaged part of your tooth, clean the area, and place the filling. This protects the treated part of your tooth and gives you a sturdy chewing surface.

While porcelain fillings require a wait time so the filling can be created and matched to your tooth, composite fillings can usually be completed the same day.

How do I take care of my filling?

Proper oral care is important to help your filling last. Brush and floss daily and visit RenovaSmiles twice a year so your dentist can check your filling.

To learn more about your tooth filling options, call RenovaSmiles, or make your appointment online today.