Los beneficios de cepillarse la lengua

Published On: mayo 17, 2022

Brushing your tongue can be a tedious task, but it is the simplest way to clean your teeth. Not only will you end up with whiter teeth, but brushing your tongue can also provide other health benefits! Here are some of the benefits of brushing your tongue: 

1) Removes dirt and food particles that can cause bad breath

Bacteria on your tongue induce bad breath caused by odor-causing substances in your mouth. Brushing your tongue keeps food particles and other debris off the surface of your tongue to help keep your breath fresh.

2) Brushing your tongue prevents cavities

Bacteria can build up on the surface of your tongue. If you do not brush your tongue, this bacteria will go right into your mouth and cause cavities. Brushing helps remove the bacteria and prevents this from happening.

3) Gives you healthier, cleaner looking gums

Brushing the tongue helps prevent toxins from building up in the bacteria under your gum line, and it also helps prevent one of the main causes of bleeding gums – periodontal disease.

4) Helps prevent oral cancer

Certain types of cancer of the oral cavity (including tonsil, mouth, and tongue) are caused by bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus. Keeping your tongue clean and healthy helps reduce these kinds of cancers by decreasing the number of toxins that come into contact with the back of your throat.

5) Brushing can help prevent heartburn

The bacteria on the tongue’s surface can cause acid reflux, which is commonly known as heartburn. If you brush your tongue regularly, it will help remove these types of bacteria and keep your stomach from refluxing back into your esophagus (food pipe).

6) Brushing helps prevent cracked lips

The bacteria on the surface of your tongue can cause cracks in your lips. Keeping these bacteria from building up, and brushing regularly, will help prevent you from developing cracked and chapped lips.

7) Brushing your tongue regularly can help keep you from getting sick

Frequent brushing of your tongue will help prevent the bacteria from building up there and keep you from getting sick. Even if sickness does not develop, you can still lower the chances of illness by brushing your tongue often.

8) Increases your sense of taste

Some people have reported that brushing their tongues has increased their sense of taste. This is because brushing removes the coating that builds up on your tongue and helps you taste better. If you have not tasted things as well as you would like to, a simple routine of tongue brushing can help make your sense of taste much better.

9) Brushing your tongue can help soothe mouth sores

If you suffer from ulcers or another form of mouth sore, brushing your tongue can help. Bacteria cause mouth sores, and by decreasing the number of bacteria in your mouth, you will be able to decrease or eliminate the chances of getting sores. The fewer sores you have, the more quickly they will get better and heal.

10) It helps keep your teeth white

Bacteria and food debris on the surface of your tongue can end up stuck to your teeth. This can cause stains and discoloration on the surface of your teeth. Keeping these things off of your tongue will help keep your teeth from yellowing and provide you with a whiter smile.


All in all, brushing your tongue can provide many health benefits for you and those around you. It keeps the mouth clean, but it can also help prevent a variety of diseases and conditions too!