Braces Options for Adults

Published On: marzo 17, 2022

Unlike in the past, people have now realized the importance of dental health. As a result, a high percentage of the population now go for orthodontic treatment. This is a good thing because when oral health is good, so is overall health. Depending on your issue, here are the braces you can choose from as an adult.

Metal Braces

This is undoubtedly what first comes to your mind when you think about braces. Even with the invention of other braces, this type is certainly not getting off the market soon. This is major because metal braces are universal in that they can treat many forms of tooth alignment.

A noteworthy aspect is that an orthodontist can only remove metal braces once the treatment is done. For the treatment to be effective, the technician will tighten the wires around the braces to ensure the teeth shift as required. One thing about metal braces is that you have to watch what you consume. This ensures that no food particles get stuck to the braces or, even worse, break them.

Self-Ligating Braces

This type of braces are similar to conventional braces, the difference is the ligature. Self-ligating braces do not use metal or elastic binds; instead, they have special clips. An upside of this type of braces is you’ll have lesser appointments with your orthodontic technician. What is more, you are guaranteed quick results compared to metal braces. However, to effectively clean self-ligating braces, you’ll need special tools.

Clear Braces

This is an option that most adults tend to go for as they are invisible. Clear braces are made of ceramic, porcelain, or clear plastic. A majority of the population prefer this type of dental appliance as it is aesthetically appealing compared to metal braces. Like traditional braces, clear braces can only be removed by an orthodontist once the treatment is complete.

Lingual Braces

These are similar to metal braces, the only difference is that they are positioned at the back of your teeth. Due to this aspect, it is virtually invisible to other people. One downside of lingual braces is they can be uncomfortable as they are closer to your tongue.


This type of orthodontic treatment has become the most popular among adults in recent years. Invisalign uses plastic aligners; hence are discreet and clear. An advantage of this type of dental appliance is that you don’t need to have them removed by your orthodontic technician. This said, you could easily remove them when eating or brushing your teeth. Here are other advantages attached to Invisalign;

  • Fewer appointments with your orthodontic technician
  • Your treatment program is shortened as you can change the braces every two weeks
  • There are no restrictions to the meals or drinks you take

To achieve the best results with Invisalign, consider dentists from RenovaSmiles for they are recognized Invisalign Gold Plus providers. Besides the stated advantages, note that Invisalign is costly as you’ll need to have them changed at least every two weeks.

Before deciding on which option to go for, it is essential to have an initial appointment with your dentist. This will ensure that the braces you choose will facilitate fast results.