Smiles and first impressions are more positive when an individual flashes a healthy and beautiful grin. Really, in any ocassion, whether they’re going on a much anticipated date, walking into a job interview, meeting with a new client or attending an amazing dinner with friends, a smile is the first thing a person’s sees.

1. A smile can lead to a more confident attitude

When teeth are straight and healthy, one exudes a more confident attitude. Whether smiling in a photo with friends or flashing a big grin at work, others can sense that those with a great smile appear more poised and levelheaded. When someone is happy with their teeth, they’ll smile more and appear positive and self-assured to others. An interesting study by Kelton Research disclosed that over 70 percent of people felt that individuals with straight teeth are more trustworthy than those with crooked teeth.

2. A smile says a lot about your health

Getting a great smile doesn’t simply improve the appearance of teeth. The importance of your smile is beyond vanity and image. It also improves overall health. A healthy smile indicates good health and strong teeth. When gums are having problems, it can suggest other health issues that are going on beneath the surface. Also, making sure one’s teeth are cavity-free is important for overall health. Depending on an individual’s oral health, an unhealthy smile can indicate signs of gingivitis and cancer of the mouth.

3. Great smiles may foster success at work and in relationships

Some findings have revealed that being attractive to others can result in an increase in salary around 5 to 10 percent more than those who aren’t seen as attractive. Having straight teeth is a part of one’s overall appearance. Some studies have also shown that having a great smile can increase productivity and encourage trust. Also, 40 percent of people agree that the importance of your smile is vital to a partner. They confessed to not wanting to date someone with crooked teeth.

Smiles and first impressions are important. A great smile means looking healthy and being healthy throughout life. With the right professionals, this can become a reality for those looking to enhance their dental health. This memorable attribute makes everyone look and feel more confident each time they speak and flash a smile.